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Our God is Holy!

I’m grading papers, writing lesson plans, and listening to Christian radio (Word FM) online. This song really stuck out to me.  How many times do I underestimate God or choose to try and solve problems in my own strength. This was a good reminder for me.

To the Ends of the Earth

We sang this song (“To the Ends of the Earth” by Hillsong) in church a few weeks ago. I loved it but forgot about it. We sang it again this morning, so I wrote down some of the words so I could find it on Youtube.

I especially love: “I know that you called me.” I know that God has called me to missions and to be here at Faith right now. He’s been giving me some good reminders of that during the past few weeks. I think singing the song in church was another reminder. I hope you are encouraged by it as well!