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FIA Staff Retreat

We just returned from a few days away at Eden Nature Park and Resort for our FIA staff retreat. Eden is one of my favorite places to go here in Davao, for two reasons: 1) it’s beautiful, and 2) it’s cooler since it’s up on a mountain.

We had a Sunday morning devotional time at the amphitheater, and I enjoyed the opportunity to worship the Lord in His creation.

Thank you for praying for us as we start the school year this Wednesday, August 2.

FIA Textbook Ordering – Days #1-5

Following up on the previous post, here are some pictures I’ve been taking as I open packages and track what I’ve received so far. I label the days as I receive/process the books, so it’s more than 5 days in duration since I don’t receive packages every day.






I am thankful for reliable mail services and internet; both of those things make this a much smoother process.

FIA Textbook Ordering

This post shares one of my responsibilities at Faith International Academy (FIA).

As the Curriculum Coordinator I lead the textbook / school supply ordering process for the school, K-12. I volunteered to do this while on furlough this year as well. I am thankful that we work with an organization that works with international schools for many of the orders. I send them our orders and they coordinate with the publishing companies. They also organize the shipping.

We also do some of our own ordering on sites like Amazon. I am taking care of those orders: placing them, having the items shipped to my house, tracking the shipments and ensuring receipt of all items, and then shipping them over to Davao. The first set of items arrived today. Here’s a picture I snapped before I opened everything and documented what we’ve received so far.

OE 2015 ~ Beach

We learned about mangroves and sea turtles at the beach. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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OE 2015 – Monday

We had a great Outdoor Education (OE) trip to Subic earlier this month. I decided to share lots of pictures with you to “tell” you about our time there. All 43 middle school students from my school went, as well as 4 squad leaders (including me).

The pictures I’m sharing (and will be sharing in upcoming posts) are a mixture of my own plus those taken by others (mostly our other squad leaders).

Here’s a slideshow about Monday. This includes our travel from Davao to Manila and some of our activities once we arrived. Enjoy!

(Please be patient, as the slideshow may take a minute or so to load.)
(NOTE: There is some music in the background. It’s nothing special, so don’t worry about leaving your speakers turned off.)

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Spirit Week- Face, Hair, & Hat Day

Friday was Face, Hair, and Hat Day. This means you can be creative and silly with those three areas.

My friend and I decided to use some make-up we had received for free and look silly together. I had also purchased a hair clip with some neon-colored fake hair attached.

fhh 1

fhh 2

(One of my students who’s now in high school walked in the classroom and at first thought that I had died my hair.)

fhh 3

fhh 4

fhh 5

fhh 6

fhh 7

fhh 8

fhh 9

fhh 10

fhh 11

fhh 12

fhh 13

During the week the students were bringing in money that was donated to help Filipinos who lost their homes in a fire in April. The kids placed the money in six jars (each with a different student’s name). The top three students received a pie in the face (by the three students who didn’t have as much money in their jars.) Our K-8 kids raised 11,000 pesos!

fhh pie 1

fhh pie 2

fhh pie 3

fhh pie 4

fhh pie 5

fhh pie 6

fhh pie 7

Spirit Week- Look Alike Day

Look Alike Day was Thursday of Spirit Week. It’s a fun time to creatively match other people at school.

alike 1

alike 2

alike 3

alike 4

alike 5

alike 6

alike 7

alike 8

alike 9

alike 10

alike 11

alike 12

alike 13

alike 14

alike 15

alike 16

alike 17

alike 18

alike 19

The game at lunch was a scooter race. Each team had to push 10 kids on the scooter down the court, around a square, and back. The elementary were supposed to start on the scooter and be pushed by middle school students. I enjoyed snapping some hilarious facial expressions.

alike game 1

alike game 2

alike game 3

alike game 4

alike game 5

alike game 6

alike game 7

alike game 8

alike game 9

alike game 10

alike game 11

alike game 12

alike game 13

alike game 14

alike game 15

alike game 16

alike game 17

Spirit Week- Blast from the Past Day

Last Wednesday was Blast from the Past Day. I decided to dress up like an Ancient Greek or Roman. Using a bed sheet to make a toga is surprisingly difficult. 🙂

past 1

Ruth, my housemate, dressed up like a hippie. She looked great!

past 1a

Our kids looked great!

past 2

past 3

past 4

past 6

past 7

At lunch each team had to find a peso (coin) hidden beneath a bunch of flour on a plate. They could only remove flour by blowing on it. The kids’ faces look great afterward.

past 11

past 10

past 8

past 9