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FIA Staff Retreat

We just returned from a few days away at Eden Nature Park and Resort for our FIA staff retreat. Eden is one of my favorite places to go here in Davao, for two reasons: 1) it’s beautiful, and 2) it’s cooler since it’s up on a mountain.

We had a Sunday morning devotional time at the amphitheater, and I enjoyed the opportunity to worship the Lord in His creation.

Thank you for praying for us as we start the school year this Wednesday, August 2.

FIA Textbook Ordering

This post shares one of my responsibilities at Faith International Academy (FIA).

As the Curriculum Coordinator I lead the textbook / school supply ordering process for the school, K-12. I volunteered to do this while on furlough this year as well. I am thankful that we work with an organization that works with international schools for many of the orders. I send them our orders and they coordinate with the publishing companies. They also organize the shipping.

We also do some of our own ordering on sites like Amazon. I am taking care of those orders: placing them, having the items shipped to my house, tracking the shipments and ensuring receipt of all items, and then shipping them over to Davao. The first set of items arrived today. Here’s a picture I snapped before I opened everything and documented what we’ve received so far.