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Seeing little lizards around the house is normal here in the Philippines.
(I’m not sure if they’re actually lizards or geckos or …, but I usually call them lizards.)

They scurry around on the wall, sometimes they fall out of the cupboard or climb out of a drawer when you open it, and sometimes they’re in your trash can. I remember back when I’d only been here for a couple months. I went down to the kitchen in the dark…and the trash can made noise. Our trash can is near a back window. I quickly figured out that it was just a little lizard in the trash.

Here’s a larger one that’s been hanging around our kitchen lately. (He’s probably 3/4 the length of my hand.) I caught him in the trash can the other night.


That same night I went up to my room and there was a little, tiny one on the floor. I took some pictures of it near my backpack as well. In this first picture you can hopefully see just how small he is. He’s to the right of the backpack strap.



I do think these little guys are cute…unless they fall on me. 🙂

I have some interesting lizard stories from school – one about my projector screen and one about my air con (air conditioning unit). Ask me about these when I’m home on furlough. 🙂

My Apartment

I will slowly try to catch you up on some of the things I’ve been doing since I have been in Davao.  I moved into the apartment with Ruth and it is very nice.  One of the best parts is how safe it is and how close it is to school.  I take about 10 steps and I am on the soccer field at the school.

bed & fab

This picture was taken while I was still organizing. Of course the fan is wonderful!

air con

As you turn to the left you can see my air con! So thankful to have this. 🙂

more of the room

There’s a little closet around that corner and a small, built-in desk.

I plan to do some organizing/rearranging in my room still but for now it’s good the way it is.

Below are some pictures of other parts of the apartment.  It’s two levels. Upstairs are the bedrooms (Ruth’s and mine) and the bathroom.  Downstairs is the living room, kitchen, bodega, and another bathroom and little outside part.  As we decorate more I’ll update the pictures.


upstairs bathroom

Please note the hot water heater in the shower (larger view below).

hot water heater

I am SO thankful to have this hot water heater.


Then we make our way downstairs…


living room

This is the view of the living room and front door (and book shelf on the right) from the stairs. We use the fan in this picture and another fan we have while we are downstairs.



Here is our table and the cabinet where some dishes and tupperware are kept. The microwave and toaster oven are on the cart to the left of that cabinet.


You can the microwave and toaster oven on the right side of this picture. We have a cart between that shelf and the oven. On the left side of this picture you can see parts of the ref (short for refrigerator here) and freezer.

There are a couple other small parts to the apartment on the first floor, but that’s mainly it.  The washing machine goes outside in a little area.  I’ll update more pictures of the aparment later.