October 2012

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Paradise Island

On our first Monday off I was able to go to Paradise Island with a family from school (they also go to my church).  I had never been there before and it was a trip of firsts for me.   I think it took about 30 minutes to drive to the dock from where we left.

We parked and took one of these boats across the bay to the island.

my view on the way to Paradise Island

on the boat

You can sit at these tables, order your lunch from the restaurant, and you are a short distance from the water.  We actually moved to a table right on the beach once the tide went out.

There is a small coral reef out by that boat.  I went snorkeling for  the first time while we were there!  I had to adjust to it being ok to still breathe normally even though my face was under water.  Once I did that I was having a wonderful time.  I got to touch a sea anemone and see all sorts of fish up close.

Isn’t the ocean beautiful?  I’m thankful God has made things that we are able to enjoy.

I ordered Halo Halo (mix-mix) shortly before we left.  It was my first experience having this snack here in the Philippines.  I did enjoy it.  (Please see the Fun with Food post for more details.)

I am thankful not only for the beautiful creation but for the friends God has provided here in the Philippines.  It was fun to spend time with a family at the beach.

Kadayawan – Part 2 – Floral Float Parade

Now some photos from the float parade!

The parade started with representatives from each of the 10 tribes on Mindanao.

The Davao horse club also participated.

Many floats used fruit as well as flowers – this one is a decorated tricycle.

Many drum & lyre bands participated.

They were accompanied by the baton twirlers of course!

SM is a chain of malls here; the Davao eagle and durian (fruit Davao is known for) are included on this float. They are completely made of flowers.

We can’t forget the mosquito repellant!

This one had a fountain in it!

Hopefully I will have more pictures posted on Facebook soon.

Kadayawan – Part 1

(This is an event I went to back at the end of August.  Being that now it is October break at school I have some time to finally post about this fun event.  I think I will include this in a couple posts since there will be lots of pictures.  Hopefully I’ll get more pictures up on Facebook during this week off as well.)  I hope you enjoy!

Kadayawan is a festival here in Davao celebrating the tribes on Mindanao.
I went to a street dancing parade on August 18 and a floral float parade on August 19.  Here are some of the pictures!

Navy in the street dancing parade

ornate costumes of the dancers

musicians accompanied the groups and included various types of drums

There were dancers of many ages.


more musicians – on a trike

It was a hot and sunny day.

Stay tuned for my second post with pictures of the floral float parade.