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Poems (Part 3: rain, make-up, & cherry blossoms)

More from my 8th grade students.

It’s falling
Hitting you with enough force to
knock you down.
Touching you softly
Sliding down your face
Hiding the tears
That shouldn’t be shown
Like the sound of
thousand hearts beating
Could It be a
This beauty, as simple as
two eyes meeting each other
I know what I must do
Accept it
Because soon the rain will stop
and the sun
will come shining


Make-up is a magic show.
Put animation on the face

Lips like a round cherry
eyes like a star on the sky,
Skin like a clean pottery

Make-up is art
Beautiful colors are filled on the white paper

Lips like a red apple
eyes like a bright moon on the sky,
Skins like a flour dough.

Cherry blossom

With the gentle wind,
flying little pink petals
land on my shoulder.
It makes burdens on
my shoulder are disappeared.

Walking on the pink river,
when I step the little petals,
It makes me want to
walk along the beautiful river.

Under the pink rain,
I don’t need an umbrella.
It makes me to love someone.
flower blooms in my mind.

Poems (Part 1: glasses, math books, stars, & students)

In Language Arts 8 we’ve been studying poetry. My students wrote some really beautiful poems, so I’m going to share some with you over the next week. These will be posted anonymously.


Eyeglasses are like…

Eyeglasses are like a part of my body,
since I wear them every day.

Eyeglasses are like my teachers,
since they help me to see and understand the world.

Eyeglasses are like water,
since I need them every day.

Eyeglasses are like reality,
since I do not want them.

Yet eyeglasses are like my life-companion,
since I had them about half of my life.



Math is so hard! Yet you feel like you’re
Awesome when you solve difficult and
Tough problems. And that is
How I endure math classes!

Ode to Books

I thank you, dear books
for telling stories to little children
for teaching uneducated students
for bringing me to other worlds and other places

I am too young to know many things
so you teach me with your wisdom.
I am too selfish to understand other things
so you make me think in others’ point-of-views.
I am too opinionated to accept new things
so you tell me good sides of new things.

Dear books, I love how you can be with lonely people
how you can encourage people
how you can convince people
to learn and grow.
Yet, the thing I love you most is that
you bring me to other worlds and to other places
where I can be free and fly high
where I can be honest and be real ‘I’.


The value of stars may vary depending on people:
The brightness of stars may not be brilliant!
You can think they are useless.
The existence of stars may not be important!
You can think they are meaningless
You might prefer playing video games than imagining under the sky.
You might prefer watching movies than looking at the sky.
To you, they might be nothing.

But the value of stars to me is too high
The brightness of stars stirs my imagination.
I think they want to tell me something.
The existence of stars make me feel secure.
I think they will help me like they did in the past to sailors.
To me, they are important since they have been life companions to human-beings.


Students in Korea on March 1, 1919
Truly died in the most honorable way. They were only
University students who gave up lives just to
Declare that Korea is free.
Even though they were killed by Japanese soldiers,
No one thought it was a waste of life, but loved their boldness.
Their courage made me proud of Korea and love Korea even with its
So many faults and mistakes. So I love what they did for their country.

OE 2015 ~ JEST

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve uploaded more pictures from Outdoor Education. There are lots in this slideshow. I hope you enjoy!

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OE 2015 ~ Ministry Day

For my squad we had ministry day on Tuesday. The other squad from my school had it at the end of the week. I grouped all of our pictures of that day (ministry, ropes activities, craft) together in this slideshow. Again, these are pictures that I took and pictures from others.

Our kids all wore their OE shirts for this day, so they’re all in blue.


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Christmas in Indonesia

Here are two Smilebox presentations with my pictures from Indonesia. It was a refreshing and fun time with friends!!

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Bahay Kubo

I decided to look up the meaning of bahay kubo online. Here’s what I found:

“The Bahay Kubo or Nipa Hut, is a type of stilt house indigenous to most of the lowland cultures of the Philippines. It often serves as an icon of broader Filipino culture, or, more specifically, Filipino rural culture.”

We have a few bahay kubos around campus. The kids sit in them before class sometimes. A couple months ago the roofs were being redone on the huts around campus. I have one just outside my classroom. Here are a few pictures of the process.

If you look closely you can see the hand of the guy inside who was putting the leaves up.



Here’s the finished product before they put the netting over the top.


7th & 8th Grade Classes

I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of my classes this year.

These are my 7th graders.

One of the boys was only here for the 1st quarter; I was glad to get a picture before he left.



Of course we need a wacky picture not just a nice one. 🙂


And here are my 8th graders!
The boys are outnumbered in this class.


Some of these students are in my pre-algebra class as well.


March Break & Poetry

We start our March break soon! Today was the last day of classes for the week!! Tomorrow, Friday, is Track & Field Day for the elementary and middle school students. I’ll be in charge of moving from event to event with the 7th and 8th grade girls. In the afternoon there are no classes and we teachers will have parent-teacher conferences. Then at 7:30pm I’ll be back at school to start the middle school all-nighter. I’ll be there until about 6:30am. I’m excited, although I am hoping I am able to stay awake. 🙂

I am SO THANKFUL to have March break this coming week. I don’t have many exciting plans but I am hoping to get ahead on some planning. I’m going to be teaching novel units on Holes and The Witch of Blackbird Pond when we return. My goal is to plan those two units amidst sleeping in during the week off.

We just finished up our poetry unit in literature. My students (my “kids”) wrote some amazing poetry. I’m going to share some of their poems with you over the next several days. I’ll post one or two poems each day. I hope this gives you a small glimpse into what we’ve been doing in the classroom and also a small glimpse into the minds of my “kids.”

To the Ends of the Earth

We sang this song (“To the Ends of the Earth” by Hillsong) in church a few weeks ago. I loved it but forgot about it. We sang it again this morning, so I wrote down some of the words so I could find it on Youtube.

I especially love: “I know that you called me.” I know that God has called me to missions and to be here at Faith right now. He’s been giving me some good reminders of that during the past few weeks. I think singing the song in church was another reminder. I hope you are encouraged by it as well!

Outdoor Education 2013

Here’s my post about OE! I made a picture slideshow to walk you through our week.  I wasn’t able to get pictures of everything, but these 100+ photos should help give you a pretty good idea of what we were doing while on OE.

*In case your speakers are turned on I want to warn you that there is music with the presentation (not overly exciting though).

**When you click the play button the show will open in a new window. It will take a minute or so to upload.

***If you want to watch the pictures more slowly you can click the pause button and click through them at your own pace rather than the automatic pace of the slideshow. You can also mute the audio by clicking the blue speaker button on the bottom left.

I hope you enjoy!

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