September 2013

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Spirit Week – Part 1

We just finished spirit week here at Faith Academy Mindanao. It was a lot of fun! I have a feeling this post will contain many pictures so I may make it more than 1 post.

We first had team color day and I was helping with the yellow team. I didn’t get a picture of myself, but here’s one of my team. I had students from kinder through grade 8.


Monday was sports day. I decided to dress like a runner (not super creative but that’s what I was able to do). 🙂


Here are some of the students on my team.


Tuesday was favorite character day. Another teacher let me share her idea and dress up like a minion. I couldn’t see too well through my mask. The kids were creative, but I didn’t get as many pictures this day due to my mask.


Here are two of the girls on my team.


Wednesday was season/weather day. I dressed up like a thunder cloud with lightning.


We had lots of creative ideas on this day. Here are the four seasons (baby sister joined for this one too).

DSCF5459 cropped

Here we have the news reporters for the storm and a few ideas for the rainy day look.

DSCF5460 cropped

Here’s the rainbow!


Here is one of my middle school girls as Miss Autumn.


Here’s winter / snow.


Next we have a poor boy who went in the sun and forgot his sunscreen. Great job with the pretend sun burn!


Here’s a storm cloud and rain.


And here is a tornado!


This is another of my middle school students. She looked fantastic; the complete outfit didn’t last too long in this tropical weather though! It’s just too hot.


Indonesia Trip – Palu #1

(Again, I am reposting this due to some blog issues.)

I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since I posted. Now that school is underway (3 weeks in so far) perhaps I will be more regular with blog posts. I have a few things to catch you up on!

Anyway, Palu was the first city we visited (for an extended period of time). I had the opportunity to visit one of the areas where some of the linguistic work occurs as well. It was a beautiful place up in the mountains!

7.4.13m tour of kulawi6

7.4.13m tour of kulawi8

“The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains,
The world, and those who dwell in it.
For He has founded it upon the seas
And established it upon the rivers.”
Psalm 24:1-2 (NASB)

Indonesia – rujak

(I am reposting this after some issues with the blog.)

Hi there! I’ve been back from Indonesia for 1 week (almost exactly). I’m hoping to be emailing a newsletter soon, but I thought a blog post might be nice.

You probably know that I like food, so I thought I would make that my first post.

My favorite dish that I tried in Indonesia is more of a snack – rujak.

7.9.13 rujak1

7.9.13 rujak2

You take peanuts and cane sugar and pound it into this sweet peanut sauce. (You can add a chili or 2 but I asked for it without those.)

7.9.13 rujak fruit2 resized

7.9.13 rujak4

Then you add tart fruit (not quite ripe).

7.9.13 rujak6

It’s all mixed together and tastes wonderful!

(The sound in this video is the waves crashing just behind the little shop we were in and I think a bit of the street that was in front of the shop.)
*FYI- The video might not work if you’re using the Google Chrome browser.*

Here’s Carol & I with our ruajk; Ambon is known for it.

7.9.13 rujak7

Fun @ Croc Park

Back in May I went to Crocodile Park with some friends. The park has mostly crocodiles but also other animals that they have rescued (or taken in as rescues). Enjoy!


I think this bird was struggling to determine whether he was a bird or a bat. 🙂





This baby tiger was so cute!


The poor little guy had fallen and wasn’t able to get out.


This one wasn’t so cute…




This guy has a broken jaw (I think). Looks pretty strange.



Deer in the Philippines look different. This is the first one I remember seeing with antlers too!





This peacock was beautiful!


This is the large & old crocodile at the park.


They do a show with “dancing crocodiles” when they feed them and they come up out of the water to get the meat.