Kadayawan – Part 1

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(This is an event I went to back at the end of August.  Being that now it is October break at school I have some time to finally post about this fun event.  I think I will include this in a couple posts since there will be lots of pictures.  Hopefully I’ll get more pictures up on Facebook during this week off as well.)  I hope you enjoy!

Kadayawan is a festival here in Davao celebrating the tribes on Mindanao.
I went to a street dancing parade on August 18 and a floral float parade on August 19.  Here are some of the pictures!

Navy in the street dancing parade

ornate costumes of the dancers

musicians accompanied the groups and included various types of drums

There were dancers of many ages.


more musicians – on a trike

It was a hot and sunny day.

Stay tuned for my second post with pictures of the floral float parade.

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