Eden Nature Park – Part 1

Posted by Jenn on November 30, 2012  •  No Comments

On our second Monday off, August 27, Ruth drove a group of us to Eden Nature Park.  We borrowed the school vehicle.  I went with Ruth, Joy (the 4th grade teacher), Priscilla (Joy’s housemate who is studying here in Davao; she is helping me get to know more of the singles at church), and Haley (short term teacher filling in as MS Computer, HS Librarian, and HS PE for the semester) on this trip.  I go to church with Joy and Priscilla each week.

Eden is 95% man-made, which you wouldn’t guess by looking at it.  The area had been used for logging so the goal has been to add more nature.  The 5% that is natural are the large bamboo and fern plants that are growing.  Sadly I wasn’t able to get pictures of those two things.

We went to the butterfly house first; there was a building with various insects gathered in the Davao area and also areas where we could see flowers and butterflies.

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