Eden Nature Park – Part 2

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Next we took the guided tour around the park.  I saw many different and beautiful plants.

I got to see Mickey Mouse plants.  Do you see the ears?

Below is a coral vine – Ruth’s favorite.

My shirt matched the jade vine. (please ignore the finger in the corner)

I saw these and thought of Baby Moses hiding in the bulrushes.  I’m not sure if that’s really what they are or not.

This is called Matinlo Falls.  I would love to go back to Eden and go on the hiking trail. I think it goes by the Falls.

The second tour stop had examples of houses that the different tribes of Mindanao have used.  There was also a group of children who performed a dance.

Lola’s Garden was the third and final stop on the tour.

It was hazy so we weren’t able to see Davao City as clearly as you can on some days.

This hibiscus was in front of me in that little hut.

These hibiscus flowers were floating on the water in the wishing well.  They were so pretty!

There are deer in the Philippines!  I wasn’t sure because I didn’t remember seeing any when I was here last time.  They are much smaller than white-tailed deer and their fur is dark.  I included a few pictures of them below.

The two pictures below are of a young deer.

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