Poetry Post #2- Friends & Homework

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This one is by one of my 6th grade girls.


Friends are like crayons. Their colors are different which makes
them special. Even though I don’t like all of them, someday I’ll need all
the colors to complete my picture.

Friends are like flowers. If you love and take care of them, they’ll
be beautiful. But if you don’t care about them at all, then it will wilt
and wither and it won’t be as pretty.

Friends are like gems. You can find them but they won’t be as valuable.
But rare ones are more hard to find because they are the most precious
and the best.

Friends are like snowflakes. Each are different in their own ways but
all of them are wonderful because they’re all unique.

Friends are like siblings. Even though you love them, sometimes yoj
fight and you just can’t stand them.¬†And when they’re gone, you realize
how important they were.

Friends are like teachers. They sometimes make fun of you, they sometimes
scold you, they sometimes get mad at you, and sometimes they care about you.

Friends are like books. They each have their own story to tell, whether it’s
good or bad. But don’t judge them by their covers because they might be
the one you were looking for.


This one is by one of my 7th grade boys.


Homework is terrible; it is so bad
I can’t stand Homework; it makes me mad

Writing and writing, and writing Away
Homework can waste almost anyone’s day

They say it helps you
I say “Unfair!”
Homework can give me a terrible scare!

My trying and trying is never enough
Homework defeats me
It’s very tough

It hurts me deeply inside and out.

It really knows How to Give me a Pout.

And Although I finish it
It won’t go Away
Homework is back! the very next day. . .


(This last one reminds me of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein a bit.)

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