Poetry Post #3 – Looking Ahead & Books

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This is by one of my 7th grade boys.

Looking Ahead

Looking on . . . and on . . . and on . . . and on.

Out in a world full of adventure and thrill
Who knows what’s ahead of us, plague or ill.

Thus I always plan ahead, jotting down the
goods and bads,
Looking onward to make sure there are no
stumbles in my path.
Who could guess what the world has in store.

Usually I get my hopes up, for things coming my way
If the thing is good then I’m a happy guy you’d say
But if it ain’t so nice then it’ll start to ruin my day.

I got nothing else to focus on
It continues to creep my mind
You never know what could pop up or what you
just might find

If you ask me, “What’s your skill?”
This I’ll tell you, yes, I will

Looking on . . . and on . . . and on . . . and on


This is by one of my 6th grade girls.


The world is filled with books and books

Books to the ceiling, almost touching the sky

Books about knights in shining armor, saving princess’s with
long golden hair, and dragon’s breathing fire hotter than burning coals

Books that make you cry and books that make you
leap for joy, books so old they might fall apart and so now they shiver

There are big books and medium books and small books
Books that have words that leap from the pages,
filling you with suspense, horror, love, sorrow, or happiness

Books with many times and places like in the jungle,
or in the city, in a mystical world, or even in the
future land, Books filled with creativity and action.

Books with many genres realistic fiction, non-realistic
fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and so many more.
Books are books filled with books and books so read a book

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