Poetry Post #5 – Wind & Friends

Posted by Jenn on March 23, 2013  •  No Comments

The two poems today are by 6th graders.


Wind is my shelter.

Whenever it blows, it cools me down.

Wind let water in the brook run.
Wind also carrys my voice to everywhere and everyone.

In anywhere, everywhere, wind watches everything.
Wind keep everyone’s secret.

However, If someone ask to wind, wind won’t
answer, but wind will carefully come to us and
whispher very quietly that we can’t even hear.

Wind blows flower’s leaf and wind carefully put
leaf down and let leaf become a another
beautiful creature to bloom again.

No matter how sun try not to let wind blow,
wind will always be there, from somewhere that
we couldn’t found and see.


Just Like Home

I’m hanging out with my friends.

They’re similar just like the
ones at home. Their action
are similar to the ones at home.

Their personality are like ones
in the States. My friends in the
Philippines are better than the ones in the States.

The ones in the States are crazier
then the ones here. It seems
as the ones here are better.

But everything is difficult
to choose from here or the States.

(This one is a typical struggle for Third Culture Kids. They grow up in various locations and it’s hard for them to identify which one is home. Thanks for praying for my kids!)

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