Poetry Post #6 – Dogs & Basketball

Posted by Jenn on March 24, 2013  •  No Comments

The rest of the poems will be by my 8th graders. The first one today is an ode, which is where something is celebrated.

Ode to My Dogs

Thanks to my dogs for giving me joy
for even letting me play with their toy.
They slobber all over me
but they are part of the family.

Thanks to my dogs who fill my heart with love
with each time they run they look like a dove.
So obedient in their ways
each day of all their days.

Now one of them is getting old
she has a sickness call thyroids or so we were told.
When she passes depressed we will be
because she is part of the family.


Today’s second poem is a simile poem about basketball. A simile is a comparison of unlike things using the words like or as.

Basketball is like:
Basketball is like a counseling hour, you leave with a sigh of relief.
Basketball is like a work out it makes you fit.
Basketball is like an alarm clock it wakes you up.
Basketball is like an energy drink, it gives you adrenaline.
Basketball is like a drama play, you could be really happy of how it went or really depressed.

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