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(I am reposting this after some issues with the blog.)

Hi there! I’ve been back from Indonesia for 1 week (almost exactly). I’m hoping to be emailing a newsletter soon, but I thought a blog post might be nice.

You probably know that I like food, so I thought I would make that my first post.

My favorite dish that I tried in Indonesia is more of a snack – rujak.

7.9.13 rujak1

7.9.13 rujak2

You take peanuts and cane sugar and pound it into this sweet peanut sauce. (You can add a chili or 2 but I asked for it without those.)

7.9.13 rujak fruit2 resized

7.9.13 rujak4

Then you add tart fruit (not quite ripe).

7.9.13 rujak6

It’s all mixed together and tastes wonderful!

(The sound in this video is the waves crashing just behind the little shop we were in and I think a bit of the street that was in front of the shop.)
*FYI- The video might not work if you’re using the Google Chrome browser.*

Here’s Carol & I with our ruajk; Ambon is known for it.

7.9.13 rujak7

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