Spirit Week- Face, Hair, & Hat Day

Posted by Jenn on October 7, 2014  •  No Comments

Friday was Face, Hair, and Hat Day. This means you can be creative and silly with those three areas.

My friend and I decided to use some make-up we had received for free and look silly together. I had also purchased a hair clip with some neon-colored fake hair attached.

fhh 1

fhh 2

(One of my students who’s now in high school walked in the classroom and at first thought that I had died my hair.)

fhh 3

fhh 4

fhh 5

fhh 6

fhh 7

fhh 8

fhh 9

fhh 10

fhh 11

fhh 12

fhh 13

During the week the students were bringing in money that was donated to help Filipinos who lost their homes in a fire in April. The kids placed the money in six jars (each with a different student’s name). The top three students received a pie in the face (by the three students who didn’t have as much money in their jars.) Our K-8 kids raised 11,000 pesos!

fhh pie 1

fhh pie 2

fhh pie 3

fhh pie 4

fhh pie 5

fhh pie 6

fhh pie 7

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