Poems (Part 3: rain, make-up, & cherry blossoms)

Posted by Jenn on March 9, 2016  •  No Comments

More from my 8th grade students.

It’s falling
Hitting you with enough force to
knock you down.
Touching you softly
Sliding down your face
Hiding the tears
That shouldn’t be shown
Like the sound of
thousand hearts beating
Could It be a
This beauty, as simple as
two eyes meeting each other
I know what I must do
Accept it
Because soon the rain will stop
and the sun
will come shining


Make-up is a magic show.
Put animation on the face

Lips like a round cherry
eyes like a star on the sky,
Skin like a clean pottery

Make-up is art
Beautiful colors are filled on the white paper

Lips like a red apple
eyes like a bright moon on the sky,
Skins like a flour dough.

Cherry blossom

With the gentle wind,
flying little pink petals
land on my shoulder.
It makes burdens on
my shoulder are disappeared.

Walking on the pink river,
when I step the little petals,
It makes me want to
walk along the beautiful river.

Under the pink rain,
I don’t need an umbrella.
It makes me to love someone.
flower blooms in my mind.

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